Our Story

Hi.  We're Cousins, Jeff And Dana.

Cousins Jeff and DanaUntil a few years ago, neither of us had even tried overnight oats. We both grew up on traditional instant oatmeal - flavorless, artificial, and filled with sugar. But once we experienced overnight oats, everything changed and we set out on a mission to bring a healthy and delicious start to everyone's day.
We started experimenting, trying all kinds of Gluten Free, all-natural ingredients and flavor combinations (truth be told - some were bad, really bad), confident that we could create combinations that not only taste great but are actually good for you.

Our friends and family loved it so much that they began calling (and in some cases, knocking on our doors) asking for more. Dana’s kids, Jackson and Chloe (both ofwhom have Celiac Disease), are eating them as fast as we can make them, now thatthey’ve found a Gluten Free breakfast that they actually enjoy.

Even Jeff's 95-year-old mother-in-law is calling to get more - especially Mango Coconut. (To give creditwhere credit is due, she inspired the name, Dozy Oats, by initially suggesting we call them “dozied oats” from the nursery rhyme with the line "Does eat oats").

After crafting clean, simple and delicious recipes that made everyone's taste buds sing, we had to find a way to share them with the world. And Dozy Oats was born.

With free shipping on every order, enjoying your Dozy Oats is as easy as selecting the right quantity for you and your family, choosing your favorite flavors and then picking them up at your doorstep every month (or however often you’d like) to enjoy whenever your stomach and taste buds come calling. Of course, you’ll be able to pause your order, change quantities and flavors or cancel at any time. (We know you’ll love Dozy Oats as much as we do, but it wouldn’t be nice to have them sleeping in your cabinet forever.)

And because no one should be without a delicious and nutritious breakfast We'll also be donating Dozy Oats meals to local food banks selected by our subscribers. So you’ll not only be eating well, but you’ll be doing good.