make every morning oat-standing!

Wake up to fresh, delicious and gluten-free oats filled with real fruit, spices and other mouth-watering ingredients. With each meal costing less than a latte, the only real question is how many do you want?

Enjoy our most popular flavors with the 10-pack sampler or choose your own flavors with one of our Build-A-Box options. A free Jar is included with all first-time orders.

Try It Oat

10-Pack Sampler

Get a taste of Dozy with our 10 most popular flavors. If you don't like a flavor, we'll send a free replacement of your choice in your next box.
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The Oatster

8-Pack Build-A-Box

(1-time or recurring)
Choose your flavors and wake up to deliciousness.
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M'Oat Popular

12-PACK Build-A-Box

$44.00 (1-time)
$39.60 (subscription)
Subscribers save 10% and get 1 bonus flavor in every other box.
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Oat-Standing Deal

18-Pack Build-A-Box

$62.00 (1-time)
$55.80 (subscription)
Subscribers save 10%, get 1 extra jar in 2nd box, and 1 bonus flavor in every box.
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Best value

24-pack Build-A-Box

$72.00 (subscription)
Subscribers save 10%, get 2 extra jars with 2nd box, and 2 bonus flavors in every box.
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Enjoy in Style

The Dozy Oats Jar

Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and eco-friendly. Free Shipping when added to any box.
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Dozy Gift Card

Choose the box size you want to give, and the lucky recipient can choose their flavors when ordering.
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